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Region 8 - South

Liz Sanders - Regional Development Coordinator - rdm8@usafieldhockey.com

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This page includes important information for 2020 Futures. (Please read all information on this page)

2020 Futures

USA Field Hockey is proud to announce 2020 Futures. Futures is a great opportunity for athletes who want to sharpen their field hockey skills in the off-season, allowing individuals to work toward their dream of playing at a higher level. Athletes will train in Futures Training Sessions for seven, 3-hour sessions and will have the opportunity to be selected from their respective Region Futures Tournament (RFT). Upon selection at their RFT, athletes will prepare to compete at the National Futures Championship. Athletes in the U-16 and U-19 age divisions will have the opportunity to participate in a Regional Training Camp before the National Futures Championship.

Site Descriptions 

Level 1 Site - Athletes or posted alternates that were selected to the National Futures Championship.

Level 2 Sites - Athletes are placed at a Level 2 site based on their performance in the previous year’s Regional Futures Tournament.  

Standard Site - Athletes new to Futures and the athletes not placed at a Level 1 or 2 sites.

2020 Regional Futures Tournament (RFT)
•    Dates: May 2 and 3
•    Time: Age group Breakdowns are TBD

•    Location: VA Beach, Regional Training Center

2020 Regional Futures Training Camp (RTC)
•    Dates: TBD
•    Time: TBD

•    Location: TBD

2020 National Futures Championship (NFC)

•    Dates - TBD
•    U14 age group - TBD
•    U16 age group - TBD
•    U19 age group - TBD

If you have any questions about Futures please contact me at rdm8@usafieldhockey.com.

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Region 8 - South Sites
Click on a site to view details.
SITE 8 A - University of Richmond- Level 1
Site 8 B Old Dominion Level 1
SITE 8 C - Wake Forest Level 1
SITE 8 D - University of Richmond Level 2
Site 8 E Wake Forest Level 2
Site 8 F - Northern VA
SITE 8 I- National Training Center (VA Beach)
Site 8 K - Triad Area NC
Site 8 L- Queens University- Charlotte, NC
Site 8 M - Florida
SITE 8J - Duke University
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