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Futures Regional Pages
Welcome to the Futures Regional Information Page. The USA is divided into 9 regions and these regions are listed below. Please click on your region for the most-up-to-date regional information.
Futures regional pages are updated and maintained by the Regional Futures Managers for each region. Contact your Regional Futures Manager for more information.
RegionStates within region
Northeast Region Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts
Region 4 - New York New York
Region 5 - Pennsylvania Pennsylvania
Region 6 - New Jersey New Jersey
Region 7 - Chesapeake Delaware, Maryland, Washington D.C.
Region 8 - South Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana
Region 9 - Great Lakes Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Tennessee, Pittsburgh and Surrounding Areas
Region 10 - Central Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Texas, Oklahoma, Colorado, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Nebraska
Region 11 - West California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii

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