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New Jersey High Performance Center 2016

Thursday, May 26th 3:30-5:30 PM

Thursday, May 19th      3:30-5:30 PM      3-4:30 PM

Congratulations to the following athletes on being selected for USAFH's 2016 New Jersey High Performance training squad.

Elyse Wong
Devon Freshnock
Stephanie Pezzuti
Madeline Sposito
Ryan McCarthy
Rachel Stefano
Molly Murphy
Kalyn O'Brien
Katherine McCormick
Samantha McCormick
Samantha Scire
Lauren McNally
Kesheal Henderson
Jane Donio Enscoe
Caroline Andretta
Emily Quirk
Nicole Miller
Elyse Broderick
Nicole Profita
Sarah Furey
Nicole Catalino
Gina Guccione
Rachel Yaney
Sarah Regn
Kaitlin Hatch
Karlie Heistand
Carleen O'Connell
Dayle Paustian
Carissa Vittese
Amanda Magadan
Julianna Tornetta

Please email Meredith Civico mlong@scarletknights.com if you have any questions.


All US born players are eligible to try out for an opportunity to compete in the Women’s  Tournament, along with HS players who are members of the U21 squad. All US born boys are eligible to tryout    Up to 144 players from the various regions will participate in the HP Tournament at the Nook from June 28-July 2, 2016. 70% of the selected players will be age eligible for the Junior World, with the remaining 30% comprised of athletes who are 21 or over.   After the tournament players may be invited for a trial with the National Team, or may be selected to attend the U21 Junior National Camp from July 3-5th at the Nook.  Final selections for the Junior World Cup team and the 2016 U21 squad will occur at the conclusion of Junior National Camp if the US qualifies. 

Trial Information
  Tuesday, May 3rd 3:30-5:30 PM  CANCELLED
             Thursday, May 5th 3:30-5:30 PM
Where:  Princeton University Bedford Field
Registration:  You must register for the trial through your USAFH membership login www.usafieldhockey.com. There is a $75.00 trial fee to participate. You must pay this online before attending. Please email NJ HP Administrator Meredith Civico mlong@scarletknights.com with any questions.

Training Sessions (Tuesday & Thursday at Princeton University)
Thursday, May 5th                  3:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday, May 10th             3:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, May 12th            3:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday, May 17th             3:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, May 19th            3:30-5:30 PM    3-4:30 PM ***TIME CHANGE***
Tuesday, May 24th             3:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, May 26th            3:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday, May 31st             3:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, June 2nd            3:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday, June 7th              3:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, June 9th             3:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday, June 14th            3:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, June 16th           3:30-5:30 PM
Tuesday, June 21st             3:30-5:30 PM
Thursday, June 23rd            3:30-5:30 PM
June 28th – July 2nd          Womens’s National Championship (Spooky Nook Lancaster, PA)

All current and recently graduated college players are eligible to compete in the High Performance program. High Performance training centers will also be open to boys (for training only.) Players must attend college or have graduated High School in 2015. High School seniors are not eligible. U21 squad members in High School are eligible along with select players approved by Janneke Schopman, Assistant National Team Coach. All players must have a US passport. Foreign athletes holding a green card may be allowed to participate with approval from the National Coaching Staff.

Trials will be held as determined by each High Performance Center in April or early May. Trials must be completed by May 15th. USA Field Hockey will set up a registration for each HPC. The trial fee is $75.00. The High Performance Center training fee for selected athletes is $225.00, which includes all training sessions up to, but not including the HP Tournament fees.  U21 squad members do not have to pay the trial and training fee.

Players may transfer from 1 HP region to another after they finish their spring semester or for any valid reason. (Internships etc…)  High School athletes (U21 members) may only practice in the HP center that they are assigned.  NO exceptions. Please contact Meredith Civico mlong@scarletknights.com if you will be transferring sites.

Contact Inofrmation
Head Coach - Kristen Holmes-Winn

Administrator - Meredith Civico



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