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2017 Young Women’s High Performance Center - Pennsylvania

All US born players are eligible to try out for an opportunity to compete in the Women’s  Tournament, along with HS players who are members of the U21 squad. All US born boys are eligible to tryout. There will be five regional teams, two junior national teams and the senior development squad competing at the HP Tournament at the Nook from June 10-16, 2017.  After the tournament players may be invited for a trial with the National Team, or may be selected to attend the U21 Junior National Camp immediately following the YWNC from June 17-20. 

Trial Information
When:  April 30 11am-1pm
Where:  Saint Joseph's University Ellen Ryan Field
Registration:  Please select the "Register Now!" button above to register for the trial. There is a $75.00 trial fee to participate. You must pay this online before attending. Please email PA HP Administrator Shannon Taylor (shan.taylor11@gmail.com) with any questions. 

Training Sessions - 2 Hours per session (Saint Joseph's University and Villanova University)

The High Performance Center training fee for selected athletes is $225.00, which includes all training sessions up to, but not including the HP Tournament fees.  

All current and recently graduated college players are eligible to compete in the High Performance program. High Performance training centers will also be open to boys (for training only.) Players must attend college or have graduated High School in 2016. High School seniors are not eligible. U21 squad members in High School are eligible along with select players approved by Phil Edwards, Assistant National Team Coach. All players must have a US passport. Foreign athletes holding a green card may be allowed to participate with approval from the National Coaching Staff.

Players may transfer from 1 HP region to another after they finish their spring semester or for any valid reason. (Internships etc…)  High School athletes (U21 members) may only practice in the HP center that they are assigned.  NO exceptions. Please contact Shannon Taylor (shan.taylor11@gmail.com) if you will be transferring sites.

Training Squad

Hannah Ackers

Delaney Baxendale

Bree Bednarski

Averi Brent

Tess Bernheimer

Morgan Bitting

Samantha Bodo

Virginia Bramley

Samantha Carlino

Lauren Carroll

Alyssa Chillano

Alicia Cooperman

Jenna Cutilli

Brooke Deberdine

Madison Deeds

Theresa Delahanty

Kathryn Dembrowski

Brittany Dickinson

Helen Doyle

Marleisa Emrhein

Rebecca Gerhart

Erin Gillingham

Danielle Grega

Joely Helder

Delani Higgins

Alexa Hoover

Alexis Horst

Amelia Iacobucci

Cassie Kline

Elizabeth Mata

Erin Matson

Emma McLaughlin

Paige Meily

Erika Miller

Meghan Murphy

Madison O’Neill

Sol Ortiz-Kreiner

Christy Palazzese

Katie Pappas

Jackalyn Pauling

Christen Pennington

Lindsay Pratt

Jenny Rizzo

Samantha Rumler

Alexa Schneck

Karen Seid

Laura Shelton

Abigail Siana

Marynell Smith

Karlee Spirit

Samantha Steele

Cassie Sumfest

Monica Tice

Marley Tunnell

Claire Webb

Courtnie Williamson

Jillian Wolgemuth

Corinne Zanolli


Training Dates:

May 2nd - 4-6pm @SJU    cancelled.

**May 4th - 4-6pm @SJU - second tryout - please attend.

May 5th - 5-630pm @Proving Grounds   due to inclement weather conditions

May 8th - 5-630pm @Proving Grounds

May 9th - 4-6pm @SJU

May 11th - 4-6pm @SJU

May 13th - 10-12pm @Proving Grounds - cancelled due to weather.

May 17th   6-8pm @UPENN

May 20th - 4-630pm @Proving Grounds

May 23rd - 630-8pm @Proving Grounds

May 24th 6-8pm @UPENN

May 25th - 5-630pm @ Proving Grounds

May 31st 6-8pm @UPENN

June 1st - 5-8pm @Proving Grounds

June 6th - 11-1pm & 230-430pm @Proving Grounds

June 7th - 6-8pm @UPENN


Contact Information
Administrator - Shannon Taylor
860-707-9223 shan.taylor11@gmail.com

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